2 Ways To Schedule Email in Gmail

In our daily life most of us use email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc for sending important messages, information’s, files to clients, friends, or businessmen. An email is more professional way to interact with clients, instead of having conversations on phone or sending text messages. Gmail is one of my favourite and I have been using this service since long time. But I have noticed that Gmail doesn’t provide facility to schedule Email delivery option. But there are many Third-Party tools and Browser extension available to schedule Email delivery in Gmail. Lets discuss each one and see how we can schedule Email in Gmail using these 3rd-party add-ons.


Scheduling emails can be very important specially when you want to send a mail to someone special, but want to add some greetings and important message before it delivers. So, here this feature gives you option to edit and schedule your mails before it gets delivered. Sometimes, we’re not sure about whether we have to send an email or not, but with the help of this feature we can edit, schedule or delete emails any time.

In this post we’ll learn about 2 such easy ways to schedule email in Gmail by using certain browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

How to Schedule Email in Gmail

Let’s learn how we can schedule an Email in Gmail using these 3rd-party extensions for both Firefox and Google Chrome, hope this will make our scheduling task easy.

1. RightInbox

RightInbox enables users to schedule emails in Gmail. Its very easy to schedule emails after just installing a small extension or addon for Firefox and Chrome respectively and you’re ready to go. A small button with name “Send Later” is added to the Gmail “Send” button. wherein you can choose your time to schedule emails. RightInbox also offers time zone support for those who working with overseas clients across the globe. It doesn’t store the body of your email so no need to worry much about it. See screenshot for reference.



RightInbox For Firefox    RightInbox For Chrome
Important : Currently RightInbox doesn’t support Safari Browser, but soon they will be adding safari support.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang is an awesome add-on for both Firefox and Chrome for scheduling emails. It does the same thing as RightInbox do, but it does far better and give more controls for scheduling emails. It has two amazing features. Firstly it offers predefined time for schedule emails or a time of your own. Secondly, it return a sent mail to your inbox if it doesn’t get any response from the recipient after a set period of time. See screenshots for reference.



Boomerang For Firefox Boomerang For Chrome Boomerang For Safari
Let’s give your opinions if you have used any of the above extension for scheduling emails in Gmail.