Google PageRank Update February 2012

Hey friends this is to inform you that on 6th February 2012 Google has updated PageRank for February 2012. Google updates the page rank of each webpage every 3 or 4 months. Everybody has been waiting for this moment because everyone has worked hard on their webpages to attract the readers. Each one of you wanted to see how Google treats your webpage. I was the one amongst you. Since 5 months I have been working hard for my blog and finally I have got it. After my hard work towards I am happy to share my happiness with you all. That I finally got +1 PageRank, that means now my page rank is 1 earlier it was zero. The secret behind my success is you! My Viewers and the Guest Authors. Thank you once again for making my blog successful.

Here is the screen of Google Page Rank Update for February:


How Google PR Update Works?

Google Rates every web page in between 1-10 points. 10 points is the highest rating for a webpage. Google gives rating on many factor like page quality of the webpage, backlinks for pages, content and so on and updates the page rank every 3-4 months. Here there is no official time for page ranking, but they keep on rolling in 3-4 months. Check

out Matt Cuts video on “How PR updates works

My experience says that backlinks helps lot in getting PageRank 1-2, but to get higher PR, backlinks quality, Domain age and so on come into loop.

How to Update Google Page Ranking?

Today I am here to share some tips for how to update Page Rank. But before that we need to understand what Google Page Rank is? Google page ranking is a system for ranking webpage. It was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google Figures that when one page links to another page, means it is casting a vote for other page. Google calculates a page importance from the votes casted for it. This is very must important because it is one of the factors that determine the ranking in search results. There are many other factors to page ranking. Here are some Tips for you:

  1. Guest Posting: Guest post is one of the easiest ways to get Google Page Ranking. This is the best way to collect backlinks and traffic to your blog.
  2. Blog commenting: To make your blog success, you need to remember one thing, always comment on those blogs who provided do-follow link to comment.
  3. Forum: Forums considers easy link building method. There are 3 ways to build links from forum:
    1. Create Signature
    2. Create profile
    3. Insert URL’s on the post and reply
  4. Meta Keywords Tag: Use lots of Meta keywords.DO not repeat the same word more than 3 times in a row. Google indexes first 101 characters. Use H1 tags for your entire page except title. You can use CSS style sheet to make them look good.