How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

In this article am going to discuss on how to write a SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly blog posts. So, here we mainly concentrating on Quality Content, which plays very important role in SEO, when you write a post have you ever checked that the written post is well SEO friendly post?. Focusing on content is crucial but you must understand some basic points before concentrating on Content, like use proper Keywords and Post Titles to make your post SEO friendly so that Search Engines would give higher value to your blog post and may your blog rank higher. You need work hard for every corner of your blog to make your blog 100% Search Engine Optimized Blog.

Writing lengthy posts will not attract visitors or traffic. Readers don’t have time to read too lenghty posts like 2000-2500 word posts. So, keep writing short, good and useful posts that your readers and search engines loves. Always use good Keywords to make your post for SEO, because SEO depends on two things Backlinks and Keywords. So, just keep follow these two things in mind while writing post.

How To Write SEO Friendly Post

Post Titles : Post titles are key role for bringing huge amount of traffic to your blog through Search Engines. When a user searches for anything in search engines, the first results users gets in search results in your post title. If your post title looks more attractive and useful they definitely click on your link. But one thing you must know that the Post Title and the SEO Title both are completely two different things. Post Title is the title of your blog whereas the SEO Title is the title that will come up in the search results. Always write short and impact-full SEO Post Title, because most of search engines have character limits for post titles. So, read my article on Post Title Limit In Search Engines.


Post Description : Post description is another most important point in SEO Friendly Post. The post description show up below the Post Title in search results. Most of search engines allow 160 character description limit, so always keep short and simple and within one line try to explain the users what this Post is all about to convince them to click on the link.


Post keyword : Post keyword is another most important point for bringing traffic to your blog. Keywords help search engines to find keywords about topics which you have mentioned in your post. Always use those keywords you have used in your whole post. Remember don’t repeat keywords more than 4-5 times in full post and never use more than 20 Keywords for single post.

Your Post URL : Search Engines gives more extra value if the keyword present in your blog post.